MyPayingAds Payment Proof With Screen Shots

Hi so you have landed here to see if Mypayingads, really is paying out its members. Well I can truly say, they are paying out and on time as well. Plus I have full proof that indeed they are paying out.

Its funny sometimes when I go to search for a opportunity on google, what seems to come up is that, this is a scam, that’s a scam and whatever else. I am not indicating that all reviews are like this. Some of them are great and speak the truth, but there is some that are just bogus. I would like to tell you the reason why these untrue articles are written.

These bad and bogus reviews about company’s are simply written because they know it will get traffic to that blog post. They will then simply catch your email and send you to a different product or service at the end of their review. They will then send you more emails about these programs saying they are scamming you out of your money and that the company is only built for the owner’s advantage. Well that’s not true. Not all companies have a bad ulterior motive. As a matter of fact most companies are really genuine and are honest. I know some companies are built for the owner, to make money and leave everyone with nothing. But that’s not the case with my paying ads.

The owner Uday Nara wants to see everyone succeed in his programs and earn good money get great traffic. He wants to see them getting attract and gain leads. Which leads to increasing your sales and profits but that’s if you are promoting the right product.

Reviews like this damage a persons image of a company in an instant and can therefore lead that individual to either question all the company’s that are like that one or totally put them off altogether. People often see these review’s when they are not making any money or they are struggling to achieve their goals. But most likely they are looking for an escape goat, instead of owning up their own mistakes and not  learning and researching on how to make it work.

So therefore when they look at a bogus review they are most likely going to take it as true and run. When in actual fact these reviews may stop them from succeeding and achieving their inner goals.

So now I am going to show you full payment proof that in-fact Mypayingads does actually pay out.

My MyPayingAds Payment Proof

Below you will see my account as of March 15 2017.

I will add photos From here on a monthly basis as well for you come back and see for yourself.

I will show you full on proof that I am getting paid into my processor from mypayingads at all times and that it is not a Scam.

See All My Payment Proofs below

Screen shot of getting paid from mypayingads

Screen shot of getting paid from mypayingads

Screen shot of getting paid from mpa banner

Screen shot of getting paid from mpa

Screen shot of getting paid from mpa -

I hope you can see now that indeed Uday Nara the owner of mypayingads. He is a genuine man trying to help others really succeed online.

Disclaimer: This proof of earings is not a guarrante that you would earn the same , but is possible to earn much greater or equal with greater strategy


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