Let’s See How Well You Know My Paying Ads?

Take Our Quiz Below To See How Well You Know Mypayingads. This Quiz Is Great If You Want To Know Things About Mypayingads In More Detail.

Its Also Great To Know This As You Can Pass It On To Your Referrals And If Anyone Asks You About Mpa You Will Know A Lot More Than Maybe You Already Knew. You Can Now Proceed With The Quiz, Goodluck!

What Is Mypayingads?

It Is A Viral Advertising Website

When Did My Paying Ads Launch?

The program launched in March 2015

Who Can Join MPA?

Who Is The Owner Of Mypayingads?

It's Uday Nara

What Is The Minimum Withdrawal Per Day?


It's $5


What Is Maximum Active Adpacks One Can Have In Plan 1 To 3?

The Answer Is 100 Per Plan, Except plan 4!

The Maximum Adpack Cost Is?

The Maximum Adpack Cost Is $50

How Much Referral Commission Do You Receive?

The answer is 10%

What Does 'PPC' Stand For In Advertising?

How Many Payment Processors Are Available In My paying ads?



What Is The Minimum Adpack Cost?

What Is Uday Nara's PHD In?

What Does 'PTC' Stand For In Advertising?

How Many Ads Do You Surf In Traffic Exchange In Order To Qualify In Revenue share?

The Answer Is 10

You Probably Know The Owner As Uday Nara, But Can You Tell Us His Full Name?


This quiz was created & designed by Chris Rodgers and is in no way connected to Mypayingads.

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