chris rodgers post writerThere are many online entrepreneurs now looking for sales & leads. If you are one among them, consider the advertising site of This site assures you of delivering great high quality traffic within a short amount of time of placing your advertisement. This ads solution is beneficial as the ad pack plans are designed thoughtfully on purchasing ad packs. This program ensures long term stability and progressive earnings. This way, you are benefited with residual earnings offered by My Paying Ads, not to mention high quality traffic.

Creator of My Paying Ads

My Paying Ads owner is Uday Nara. His real name is Dr. Nalam Satyanarayana. He is a PhD holder in Mechanical Engineering and is a Singapore resident. Besides his engineering profession, he is a prominent online experienced marketer. This program has a large Facebook group and is free to join.

Uday employed his technical abilities in creating a business formula that provides its users with quality income and also an opportunity to build a company featuring a sustainable future.

Uday is not the walk-away type. He has a large social media presence, where he and his team addresses any issues or concerns involving MPA. Also answering any questions the members may have. He personally ensures the members payments are done on time and for proper amounts. He is establishing My Paying Ads to be a profitable and seamless internet company.

mypayingads owner information,


MPA’s main objective is to offer targeted high quality traffic to advertisers in a relatively short amount of time. The members start earning a reasonable income, depending on the amount of work they do. This is because of the low cost of Ad packs starting with $5. Where the member can earn up to 120% in return.

My Paying Ads (MPA) is based on the component Pay-to-click. This company launched on March 30th 2015. One of the advantages of MPA is that any member can practically advertise any site, such as MLM programs, home-based business opportunities, religious sites, weight reduction opportunities, dating sites, affiliate programs, social sites such as Facebook pages and so on. MPA is modeled after MAP (My Advertising Pays) and TM (Traffic Monsoon) and now MPA is surpassing these companies and is the one that completely stands out from the rest.

My Paying Ads is designed primarily to serve the online advertisers website offering them the expected quality, premium, high targeted traffic. Another plus is that My Paying Ads has the incorporation of pay-per-click components and revenue sharing features.

Firstly before you read on take a look at the Whois details & Alexa Stats below.

whois and alexa stats for mypayingads

MPA Features

  • MPA is free to join and you can earn merely by clicking the cash links for free and also from the referral commissions of the upgraded new referrals.
  • My paying ads offers ad packs starting at $5 per pack, which is a affordable for anyone.
  • MPA is completely legal and offers services to its members in the form of quality traffic. Members purchasing a $5 ad pack receive 2 PPC banner clicks and 100 website credits with each purchase of $5 ad packs.
  • This system accepts 1 account belonging to the same IP address.
  • There is no need in MPA to refer others prior to earning. The free members can earn to their satisfaction. However, if you refer others to such an opportunity, your earnings are sure to sky rocket beyond your imagination.
  • The payment processors that is accepted at present include Solid Trust Pay, Payza, Perfect Money and 2pay4you.
  • The purchases done using these payment processors get processed instantly that way there is an immediate reflection in your account of the amount you submitted. Sometimes it can take around 30 minutes to get processed and this happens due to valid reasons such as delay in the processor, server overload, etc. However, even after 30 minutes if the payment fails to process, you may give your full transaction details and submit a support ticket.
  • Another payment processor they use is Bitcoin. This processor can understandably take up to 3 and a half hours because it undergoes a confirmation process. You will understand this if you are a Bitcoin user.
  • Usually, the withdrawal or payout requests are processed within 24 to 48 hours but in rare occasions it may be delayed due to different for example payment processor may be undergoing maintenance, etc.
  • MPA has an excellent support system and this is because Uday Nara, the owner himself responds directly.
  • Apart from this, MPA also shares its revenue every hour to the qualified members with active adpacks. The profit share qualifications are, buying at least one $5 adpack and surfing 10 ads in the traffic exchange per day.

Uday Nara, the owner of describes MPA as being a “viral advertising site” and it definitely shows in all aspects of this program.

1. Ad pack purchases

The members of MPA can buy ad packs starting at $5. For every 5 dollar adpack 2 PPC banner credits are added plus 100 website credits. In return you qualify to share in the revenue this way you can earn 120% back on your adpack purchase which is a bonus.

2. Revshare

The MPA Members can join the Revenue share program on buying a minimum of $5 ad pack. The members are tasked with clicking on 10 ads in the traffic exchange within 24 hours. Clicking on these website advertisements ensures you receive your revenue share.

3. Referrals

When you introduce a new member you will receive 10% referral commission on any purchases made by that direct referral.

Working system of My Paying Ads

The working principle of My Paying Ads is truly simple. For some the attraction is that it allows you to join for free. Here you can earn by viewing cash links as a free member. However, if you wish to earn more money and generate revenue, you can begin with buying any of the ad packs offered, that start at 5 dollars. With this you should surf at least 10 ads daily and watch your adpacks grow successfully.

The adpacks that can be purchased range from $5, $10, $25, and $50. Each member of MPA can hold 100 adpacks with each plan, except for the $50. So this enables you to purchase more adpacks with the earnings you receive. However, with every plan there is a return promised of 120% with the growth of the ad packs. This is the initiation of your income. As such there is no stipulated or fixed time for the ad packs to mature and this cannot be predicted.
The revenue is distributed every hour with active ad pack holders.Meaning there has been sales received in that last hour and every hour after etc. This is all done automatically until your adpacks has matured/expired.

Who can join My Paying Ads?

Recently, the revenue sharing opportunities have lost credibility and very few have survived the testing time. But, now people having services and products to market and have modeled from Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays have revealed sustainability signs.

There are certain facts of My Paying Ads that it cannot be termed as a scam. Likewise, a well known fact is that any business venture involves risk, yet MPA does not demand you to invest any money.

Here are some of the facts:

  • The owner is a trusted personality, who is well educated and is running the program personally. Through MPA program, he has revealed his genuine openness and how his program surpasses all other similar programs.
  • Their services and products are what sustains the company due to the popularity and need for targeted traffic as mentioned.

Precisely, it offers a huge opportunity for anyone wishing to make money online. My paying ads is a trustworthy site to earn money. MPA has a revenue sharing aspect that has ensured sustainability in the long term. As Uday Nara is a qualified engineer and has many years of internet marketing experience. He focuses on sustainability, besides MPA is easy to operate, fun and interactive. Anyone with any skill level can get in and literally in one hour see results. NOT A JOKE…!

Revenue Share Plans

Ad-Pack Plan is based on Cost per Ad-Pack and on this given are the Banner Credits and this is followed by Traffic Exchange Credits. There is Non-Guaranteed Revenue-Sharing and Rewards and lastly the Maximum Active Ad-Packs.

  • It begins with Plan 1 that is $5, where the banner credits you receive is 2, while the Traffic exchange credits is 100. You will then receive up to 120% and the maximum active ad-packs that may be purchased are 100.
  • Plan 2 is for $10, where the banner credits you receive is 4 and the Traffic exchange credits is 200. You will then receive up to 120% and the maximum active ad-packs that may be purchased are 100.
  • Plan 3 is for $25, where the banner credits you receive is 10 and the Traffic exchange credits is 500. You will then receive up to 120% and the maximum active ad-packs that may be purchased are 100.
  • Plan 4 is for $50, where the banner credits you receive is 20 and the Traffic exchange credits is 1000 and a return of 120%. The maximum active ad-packs that may be purchased are unlimited. Refer To Photo below.

Adpack plans in mypayingads


Membership Plans:

There is a membership fee that needs to be purchased to go into level 2 ad packs.

So you can fill up your first level (meaning 100 adpacks) OR until its at 50 ad packs then you could start building level 2 etc. It’s very convenient that we do not need a membership for level 1 so that means you will be earning enough now to cover any membership fees. When you reach level 2 you need to pay $10 per month. When you then go to level 3 ad packs you don’t pay your $10 anymore you just need pay $30 for your level membership. So then your total membership cost is $30 per month. Then the same goes for level 4 ad packs which the membership is $60 per month.

All in all your membership cost depends on the level you have reached, this means that if you have reached level 3 you don’t have to pay the $10 from your previous level 2 anymore. and once you reach level 4 the same goes for that, you don’t pay the $10 or $30 anymore you just pay $60. Therefore you can purchase adpacks from all levels for just $60.

I know a lot of people do not like a membership, But in my eyes I think its great for the company to cover any hosting costs, admin team, programmers and any other expenses that is involved with it. The Membership should not put you off because its only a fraction you have to pay from your earning what ever else you make is a bonus. So my opinion on membership is that it is better being there than not. Mostly us as members feels more comfortable with a membership. Memberships also helps sustain a business.

One More Thing to note about the membership is, if for some reason your membership runs out and you can’t renew it that day, Don’t Worry, your ad packs will still keep earning. It just means you can’t purchase any more ad packs untill you renew the membership. Hope you understand that & its clear enough, Just ask if not.

Below is a photo showcases the membership names and cost.

memberships helps sites stay alive and keep paying out

Apart from the ad packs, members may also purchase these advertising options such as:

Log-in Ads: Here members view a 20 seconds advertisement when they log-in each time to their account. Their are 2 types of log-in ads available to purchase: The Static ad plan, This is where your advertisement will be displayed for the whole day OR The Rotating ad plan. This is when the system itself assigns a date for your ad to be placed on in rotation with other advertisements.

Paid To Click Ads/Cash Links: The members here get paid on clicking each ad, thus the targeted visitors are driven to your offer. Image below shows you a example of what the cash links look like in mpa.

Example Of What cash links look like on mpa

Banner Ads: Here members can buy rotating or static banner ads.

Below in the photo you can see the correct form of sizes that your banners have to be. banners accepted and post by reviewofmypayingads

Text Ads: You can also buy rotating or static text ads.

Example below showcases what they would look like. size and how much lines of text, Etc.

This is what text ads look like at mypayingads

Traffic Exchange Ads: Here members can view 10 ads per day, so that they qualify for the revenue share every day. Additionally you can always surf for credits.

Pay per Click Banner Ads: Also known as (PPC). Here members can buy clicks for a banner ad.

This photo below showcases all the advertisement types there are available.

this showcases what advertisements mpa has to offer its members

Other Benefits of Membership

⦁ Referral commission is 10% on each purchase made by a direct referral.
⦁ No requirement of repurchase.
⦁ $5 minimum withdrawal per day.
⦁ $200 maximum withdrawal per day.

My Paying Ads Good Points

  • Legal and Safe are one of the key points to My Paying Ads and is also self-sustaining that growth is assured. This is apparent from its payouts that are handled by Payza, Perfect Money, 2pay4you, BTC, & Solid Trust Pay. These payment processors are one of the great advantages to the company of Mypayingads.
  • My Paying Ads is a Registered Business Entity, SSL Secured and licensed Script and DDOS Protected Hosting.
  • Free Membership is offered by My Paying Ads and this allows the users to earn money using free cash links. There are commissions for referrals also in the free option available.
  • Referrals Not Required is an added advantage that allows users to earn a nice income without wasting time in finding family members and friend’s to recruit. But i must say it will not be hard to explain the business to your family and friends and they may also like it. Then in return for helping them you will receive some commission.
  • Low Initiation Costs are an attraction as it’s minimum ad pack cost is only $5. This means every new user can initiate with just $5.
  • Great Advertising is one of the key benefits of Mypayingads and is one of the best out there.
  • Instant Processing of Funds in MPA is a good point and the purchases are instant meaning what you have purchased will be there ready for you, for example credits for banners & traffic exchange etc. Plus payouts are usually done within 24 to 48 hours.

A video presentation on


We will now talk about how you can create a account with mypayingads

When you click on a invitation link, you will be redirected to a ‘Sign Up Page‘ . Refer to Image below.

Then all you need to do is fill in all your details on that page and be sure to read Terms & Conditions. Don’t Forget to tick the box.

Then you will receive a email from mpa, Please use a GMAIL address when signing up to avoid delivery issues.

My sponsor id is 33878 – Chrisrodgers. This should come up on the sign up page. If my name or Id does not come up as shown in the image below. You Need To Clear Your ‘Cookies’ And try again.

Mypayingads registration page featured on

Account Created – What’s Next You May Be Wondering

I will explain what to do now. First you will need to go to the ‘login‘ tab and enter the Username & Password that you have chosen, Also fill in the 4 digits captcha code and then click on ‘Login’

So once you have logged in you will be shown a ‘login ad‘ that you have to view for 20 seconds. If you click away from it or change tabs you will have to click on it to resume the count down. You can refer to the photo below.

In short you will be doing 3 steps upon login:

Step 1: Click ‘login‘ top right of mypayingads

Strp 2: Fill in ‘Username‘ & ‘Password

Step 3: View ‘Login ad‘ for 20 seconds

The steps to login to mypayingads

What you need to know when you log in

So now you should be logged into your dashboard, here’s where I will explain some more.

You can now surf ads in the traffic exchange. You will need to surf 10 if your thinking of purchasing ad packs in this system. So after you have surfed your ads you are now free to explore, buy ad packs and share in the revenue as well as advertising your other businesses/affiliate offers. When surfing in the traffic exchange you gain credits to advertise your own Business, Programs, Capture pages, Affiliate Products, etc, getting credits each time you are surfing the advertisements add up pretty fast and can be a great way to get started promoting your offers with no out of pocket.

You can also click cash links for free and earn some money. You can click a maximum of 300 cash links per day and that would work out to be $0.30. Its a great way to get started with the program and save your earnings to start buying your first adpacks in the system. It will be much slower but is possible as others have done it. You can also purchase cash links which start at $1.30 for a 1000 clicks. This is great to get traffic to your capture pages and catch leads for other programs you may be in, etc. See image below to see where everything is that you need to know.

Getting started in mypayingads and how to use it and its advertising services

So Now I will Show You My Results To Date (November 2016)

You will see my results below in the photo I have provided.

My results from - chris rodgers

As you can see I have 200 ad packs now and over 3,000 in ad pack earnings.

My  Conclusion

I am loving mypayingads as I feel it’s great to advertise your other businesses as they have all kinds of traffic to suit every entrepreneur/business owner. What I love about this company is that we can advertise and get paid money and it is really enjoyable to work with. It’s so simple to use and learn from and it’s a business model for beginners as well as experienced online marketers. Anyone can really use this site easily.

All the members are very very happy with this concept as you can see in the Facebook group and else where as well. This system is very easy to use and maintain. If you have a blog it is also good to get new viewers and readers as they will subscribe to your blog if its something they are interested in. This is what I am using it for as I also have a blog and I’m building more websites and I know that I will have traffic going to them 24/7. Which is what you need for your online business.

From Me To You

So I really hope you liked my review of MPA and hope you understand it ok. If you don’t understand anything you can just leave a comment below and I will reply as best i can and as soon as possible. Plus i will connect with you on social media and will be there to answer any questions you may have. Because as I said for me sharing this opportunity I will receive 10% commission every time you make a purchase of any of the adpacks/advertising services showing on the website. Its my job to help you build the business, as we will be helping each other and I always help my referrals. You will not be left in the dark or anything so do not worry about that.

So that’s it for now.  If you would like to join me in Mypayingads, you can do so by clicking below. After you join, I will personally send you a welcome email.

Have a nice day,

Chris Rodgers.

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